MS12 | Digital You: Thriving in Today’s World

  • Room: Mandalay Bay KL
  • Session Number: MS12
Friday, October 13, 2023: 10:45 AM - 11:45 AM


Jason Averbook
Senior Partner, Global Leader of Digital HR Strategy
Jess Von Bank
Head of Luminate & Leapgen Brand


Prepare for a conference session unlike any you've ever experienced. "Digital You: Thriving in Today’s World" is more than a presentation: It’s a community going on a shared journey through the vibrant, rapidly evolving digital landscape. This session is designed to inspire and equip you to rise above the challenges of constant change and find new ways of thinking that will drive our collective success. 

Learning Objectives

- We will explore the power of resilience and adaptability and how they can be your strongest allies in the face of rapid digital transformation.
- We will share tips for maintaining balance between immediate tasks and long-term strategic planning.
- We will explain how change can be the greatest instigator for development, pushing the boundaries of the norm.

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