TE1 | Exploring the 7 Dimensions of a Healthy Talent Program

  • Room: Oceanside F
  • Session Number: TE1
Wednesday, October 11, 2023: 10:45 AM - 11:45 AM


Mike Bollinger
VP of Strategic Initiatives
Karthik Suri
Chief Product Officer


As organizations around the world face a surge in workplace transformation, HR leaders are tasked with rethinking their talent programs to ensure their people can evolve with the changing landscape. In this dynamic environment, where skills serve as the common language, and as employees' expectations are evolving, HR leaders need to adapt. To get a pulse on how today’s HR leaders view their current talent programs, Cornerstone conducted a global study to learn what organizations are prioritizing today and where they might be falling behind.

In this session, Cornerstone Chief Product Officer Karthik Suri and Cornerstone Global VP of Strategic Initiatives Mike Bollinger will reveal the findings from the 2023 Global Talent Health Index and will dive into the seven critical dimensions that encompass a healthy talent program. Karthik will share where the most competitive organizations are leading and how adopting innovative technology, like Generative AI, is propelling reskilling, retention and analytics efforts forward to prepare organizations for what’s next.

Learning Objectives

- A comprehensive overview of the seven dimensions of a modern, healthy talent program.
- Understand how today's leading organizations are reprioritizing their talent programs to respond to new workplace challenges.
- Understand where HR leaders should adopt AI technology to improve the health of their talent programs.


  • Breakout Session