D15 | UKG Demo | Culture-Driven HR Technology: The True Measure of a Great Workplace

  • Room: Demo Theater 1
  • Session Number: D15
Thursday, October 12, 2023: 11:15 AM - 12:15 PM


Yutaka Takagi
Lead Strategic Solution Consultant


What does culture mean at your organization, and how do you measure its impact in tangible ways? It’s more than just corporate branding or mission statements – if you truly want to build a great workplace, you need to turn even the most transactional moments into experiences that inspire trust and belonging in your employees. Fortunately, together we can unlock the gold mine of untapped information your organization has at its disposal to drive meaningful insights and purposeful actions at all levels so all individuals feel valued, respected, and motivated to reach powerful results. Come see how UKG applies 30 years of culture data through the UKG Pro suite and the UKG Great Place To Work Hub to bring your culture and DEI&B strategies into every facet of your people strategy and the technology experiences your people engage with. In turn, you can then achieve higher retention, reduced burnout, faster innovation, greater resilience, and ultimately higher revenue and stock returns when compared to others in your industry.


Learning Objectives

- Understand how our research, your data, and your employees’ voices come together in a world-class application that guides you toward an inclusive, equitable culture through UKG Great Place To Work Hub
- Recognize where operational opportunities to build trust and belonging exist in organizational processes and how the UKG Pro suite makes culture the common thread in every activity from workforce management to payroll to performance, career pathing, and manager coaching
- Connect the personal and professional for your employees through empowering self-service experiences anytime, anywhere, supportive benefits and giving options, community building opportunities, and clear avenues through which they make their voices heard.

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