NW5 | EWA Regulation: What It Means For You - A Discussion With Nevada State Senator Nicole Cannizzaro

  • Room: Oceanside B
  • Session Number: NW5
Thursday, October 12, 2023: 11:00 AM - 11:45 AM


Senator Nicole Cannizzaro
Nevada State Senator Nicole J. Cannizzaro
State of Nevada
David Schwarz
Head of Corporate Communications


Providers of Earned Wage Access, the rising popular financial wellness benefit, have been working with state politicians and regulators across the country to create guardrails and parameters for the nascent industry. Nevada State Senator, Nicole Cannizzaro, championed the country’s first ever Earned Wage Access bill signed into law in June, providing strong consumer protections for the state’s many EWA consumers.  The law codified industry best practices that include strong transparency, non-recourse, no late fees, no debt collection, no credit reporting, no collection activity of any kind, and a requirement that a “no cost” option must be offered to all EWA users.  

Senator Cannizzaro sits down with DailyPay Chief Operating Officer Stacy Greiner for an informative discussion on the importance of creating clear and transparent regulations for EWA that best support the interests of its users.

Learning Objectives

- Understand the new legislation around EWA and its impact on consumers.
- Dive into the importance of regulating the nascent EWA industry.
- Analyze how new technologies, with the right governmental oversight, can provide financial equity to employees.

  • Breakout Session